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gen-x rocks

All the rock alternative songs of the 80s and 90s that you crave with a minimum of interruptions. You’re here for the music, and so are we.

NOTE: In addition to providing great music, we’re also doing this to test new streaming equipment and software for. On September 1 we are going to take down our main automation computer so we can install a new OS, new version of the automation system, and a new version of the Audio over IP driver for Linux that delivers the audio to Live 365. In other words, as we type this, we are preparing to tear everything apart and we don’t know how long it will take to put it all back together. So please forgive us if we’re silent for awhile.


Listen On The Go

We’re powered by Live 365, so download their app on youe phone and search Gen-X Rocks to hear your favorite music when out and about or in your car.

Ask Alexa

Got one of those creepy smart speakers that listens to you 24/7? Well, now you can ask Alexa to open the Live 365 app. Then after she asks you what station you want to hear say “play Gen-X Rocks.” And if she’s not feeling too cranky (trust us, this skill turns Alexa into a cranky girl) you can rock out in your living room.